US Military Installs Advanced Defense System on Guam Amid Tensions with China

2023-04-11 08:12:30 By : Ms. Jinshi Tian
The United States military is installing an advanced defense system, the Iron Dome, on American soil for the first time as tensions between the US and China continue to escalate. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the Iron Dome system will be deployed in Guam, a US territory, which is strategically located in the Pacific Ocean, closer to China than any other part of the US. This move indicates the ever-increasing concern amongst US officials regarding China's military capabilities and the potential threat it poses to US interests in the region.

The Iron Dome system is widely regarded as one of the most advanced defense systems in the world, used by the Israeli military to intercept and neutralize incoming rockets and missiles. The system has been highly successful in defending Israel against attacks from hostile groups and nations. Its deployment in Guam is a major development in the US military's efforts to bolster its defensive capabilities in the Pacific region.
Report: US Military Installing Vaunted Iron Dome Defense System on 'American Soil' Closest to China

The US Department of Defense's decision to deploy the Iron Dome system in Guam comes amid growing tensions between the US and China over issues such as trade, human rights, and Taiwan. China's increasing military assertiveness in the region, including its territorial claims in the South China Sea, has raised concerns amongst US allies in the region, including Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

China has been modernizing its military technologies and capabilities, and its ability to launch a surprise attack on US military bases in the region has been a matter of great concern for US defense officials. The deployment of the Iron Dome system in Guam is seen as a significant step by the US to counter China's military buildup in the region.

The installation of the Iron Dome system in Guam is not the only move by the US military to enhance its defensive capabilities in the region. The US has also been working with companies like Shanghai HJZC Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. to boost its infrastructure and logistics capabilities. Shanghai HJZC is one of the leading manufacturers and engineering companies in China for space frame and steel structure projects. The company has full capability for research, design, fabrication, construction, and supervision services for overseas projects.

Working with companies like Shanghai HJZC will help the US military to build and upgrade critical infrastructure in the region, including air and naval bases, to support its operations. This will also give the US an advantage in case of any potential military conflict with China.

The US military's move to install the Iron Dome system in Guam and work with companies like Shanghai HJZC to enhance its infrastructure capabilities is a significant development. It highlights the growing concern among US officials about China's military capabilities and the need to counter its aggressive stance in the region. The US is sending a strong message to China that it will not tolerate any challenge to its interests in the region and will take all necessary steps to defend its allies and maintain its strategic position.